Whistleblowing by various officers over time has made no difference to the institutional corruption that continues to flourish within Hampshire Constabulary.
What will it take before senior officers and staff do the right thing and what they are paid for which is to put the public and victims first rather than themselves.

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                                 Coming soon! - Video diary with developments.
Donna Jones is the new PCC for Hampshire Constabulary. Will she do the right thing whilst sandwiched between Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and Dave Stewart both also featured in the article concerning a Paedophilia case on the Isle of Wight. 



I will  post the occasional blog post with any developments and any new information time permitting so that anyone else going through a similar process will be forewarned so forearmed of what is likely to happen in the real world.

Whilst there will be many fine words and much written about supporting whistleblowers, in reality your disclosures no matter how serious will not be welcomed and you will face the might of institutional corruption to crush you.

You will be able to count your true friends on one hand, when the chips are down you may find you have only one or two real friends who will put others before themselves.

We have a responsibility as lamplighter whistle blowers to expose corruption, there are no personal rewards other than we are true to ourselves and that we can be comfortable in tnat we have done all we can to challenge corruption and prevent loss of life. There will be many detriments to us and loss both financially and to your mental and physical health not to forget the affect upon your family members.


Our colleagues and society will only benefit if it accepts the responsibility to support us and demand accountability from the institutional corruption which appears to be embedded in offending agencies and our judicial system.

"Remember one thing, whilst those who have acted corruptly and had made many of us ill or even take our own lives, for those of us who were made ill, one day we may get better, those corrupt officers of whatever rank will always be corrupt. Be proud of your sacrifice and don't try and change who you are."


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