I had previously been a highly commended Detective in the Metropolitan Police having worked at New Scotland Yard in International and Organised crime and several other squads having been in the CID for most of my service. 


I transferred to Hampshire Constabulary and made serious disclosures to the head of the Professional Standards Department "PSD" concerning corruption and the operation of the Isle of Wight police division, I was subsequently victimised by the same PSD to silence me and hound him out of the force.


I subsequently raised concerns about his treatment with Hampshire Police Authority (now PCC), the IPCC (now IOPC), the home Office and the HMIC.


As a result of my tenacity, Professional Standards in Hampshire were subject of a focussed inspection by the HMIC and 12 recommendations made. although the report was watered down it was a useful document.

The HMIC inspection was itself a cover up and focussed on professional standards of the whole force, although it highlighted endemic racism and sexism in the force, the allegations of corruption and cover up were not investigated, the HMIC gave as an excuse that they were not an investigative or appellate authority.

What I did not know at the time was that the person conducting the inspection Sir Ronnie Flanagan was closely connected with Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan.

In any event, the recommendations were not welcome by the then Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan and  DCC Ian Readhead who then conducted a personal vendetta against me, my family and any police federation representatives who were supporting he.

Following 2 police federation representatives becoming ill as a result of victimisation and either attempting or contemplating suicide, I founded the Independent Police Support Group and have helped many officers over the years finding themselves in a similar situation. 

Despite the Deputy Head of Hampshire CID informing Chief Constable Kernaghan that DCC Readhead was going to victimise me, the Chief Constable failed to take action and subsequently was responsible for removing me from the force on the pretext of having an incompatible business interest which was my wife operating a stall at a farmer's market.

The sustained campaign of victimisation conducted over several years escalated when I submitted an employment tribunal claim and the force attempted to discipline me at every turn, my working working conditions were intolerable within the CID having been exposed as a whistleblower.


Increasingly I was transferred toto CID offices further away from home and the force were attempting to force me into submission financially by keeping me on either zero or half pay for two and a half years when I became ill as a result of the treatment.

Having been unable to force me to leave the force or discipline me, the force utilised massive police resources including employment surveillance teams setting up a malicious operation code named "Companionway" designed to cause irreperable damage to my wife and I which I was believed intended to tip me over the edge and take my own life. 

Two small catering establishments run by my wife wife were raided by the police and Iwas arrested by PSD, despite no further action being taken, the manner that PSD conducted the operation resulted in both businesses having to close and the loss of 20 jobs.

PSD officers had acted unprofessionally throughout and also inferred that I was a bent copper when conducting needless enquiries and taking over 70 statements from any any suppliers or anyone that had anything to do with the family business.

The business interest had been regularly approved until I became a whistleblower.

Following the closure of the business, my wife started from scratch again with a market stall operating at Farmer's markets.

PSD had again been given carte blanche to conduct surveillance against my wife and I, as no criminal offences were being alleged they were unable to use a RIPA authority and used what is known as an "Executive Authority" to conduct further surveillance which was again conducted unprofessionally and designed to close the business down.

At this stage, I was very ill and had to be cared for by his wife for 90% of the time.

The same PSD officers were involved who had criminal allegations made against them concerning their conduct in the first operation, statements were fabricated, one PSD officer provided two differing witness statements concerning the same incident which did not accord with video surveillance.


This evidence was used By Chief Constable Kernaghan to terminate my employment, what is not commonly known is that in these circumstances the Chief Constable only has to seek permission from the police authority, Iwas denied a police disciplinary hearing or a right of appeal.


I was the only police officer in the annals of history to have been removed from a UK police force in this way.

To ensure I did not return to the force, my wife and I were effectively fitted up by the same PSD officers and charged with a criminal matter alleging that we had inflated our incomes to obtain a mortgage.

Despite handwriting analysis proving that our signatures had been forged and other evidence being provided regarding the corrupt manner that PSD and the CPS dealt with disclosure and suppressed evidence, the force have failed to record criminal allegations or arrest the mortgage broker who is believed to have altered the paperwork.

PSD officer's have also not been investigated for their criminal conduct in the case considered to be perverting the course of justice.

There was never any complaint about the mortgage matter which came to light following a fishing expedition by the same PSD officers complained of including, using anti terrorism legislation to go through our lives  in detail including our finances.

I have spent spent many years fighting the force to seek justice for those members of the public and victims I had helped which; had resulted in the malicious and and devastating actions against us.

It is unlikely that the situation which be resolved anytime soon due to the culture of continuing arrogance and bullying by the force.

It my belief that some specific senior officers and staff  should face criminal charges of Misconduct in public Office and perverting the course of justice.

Former Chief Constable
Paul Kernaghan
Former Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead