Mr A J Panayiotou v 1) Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan 2) The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire: UKEAT/0436/13/RN

Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment of Mr Justice Lewis on 16 April 2014.

This is the Judgment of a single Judge following my appeal to the employment appeal tribunal, I am going to comment in the public interest because this judgment acts as a deterrant to police whistle blowers coming forward.

The Judgment takes no account of the disclosures being made by a police officer where police officers are not permitted to ignore crime and corruption.

Effectively it is saying that if you report such matters even in the right way and to the right people as I did and nothing happens or the matters are covered up that you should forget about, is that how the government wants detectives to operate these days?


I am not going to comment on the original Judgment from the employment tribunal which took place at Havant as I intend to publish the complete judgment in a separate post and go through it a paragraph at a time evidencing how the Judgment did not reflect what actually went on. Some of it was demonstrably wrong and written up to help a pre-determined outcome ignoring important witness evidence.

I had to go through various hurdles to get through to an appeal with virtually all of my grounds of appeal being rejected, my skeleton argument for the appeal can be found by clicking the adjacent box



Eventually after many months HHJ Richardson allowed part of my appeal to go through and the reasons he gave are on the left below commenting on para 60 of the employment tribunal judgment, the Judge also notes that the Judgment did not set out the protected disclosures.  
It would be remiss of me not comment on para 60 at this stage as I think there were over 70 statements taken, I was not working whilst off sick, at this stage due to several years of unrelenting bullying and victimisation by DCC Readead and Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan  I was ill and was with my my wife approx 90% of the time as she had to care for me.
DC Plummer from PSD had also fabricated evidence and made two witness statements, the second embellishing the first and suppressed a relevant witness statement. I had attended Winchester market where my wife had a stall on the farmers market and PSD officers who we had previously complained of concerning their conduct where videoing from the roof of Iceland and an officer on foot overtly taking photographs of my wife and I whilst trying to be covert. At the time there was concern that the officer taking pictures with a camera on foot may have been a paedophile and this was brought to our attention.
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At the employment appeal tribunal I was fortunate to have a pro bono barrister Katherine Apps and unusually she was up against a QC from her her own chambers. The Judge on the day was HHJ Lewis and he gave Miss Apps a hard time, when she mentioned Jimmy Saville he effectively closed her down.
For whatever reason, I have found whether my own case or in others, when paedophilia is mentioned there is an attempt to avoid the issue or shut it down altogether.
This is a case that should have gone to the Court of Appeal however; cost comes into play and I was not in a position to afford to do it considering we had already been bankrupted by the force in their malicious operation against our family catering business which we had to close having been effectively now been forced out out of two homes in two counties by the actions of a corrupt Professional Standards Department (PSD) led by corrupt senior officers.