Whilst this Blog concerns the treatment of both my wife and I by Hampshire Constabulary, the same tactics, criminal conduct and abuse of power is practiced by forces around the UK.

I consider that this blog is  important as the conduct of the force towards its own officers is a direct reflection of how it treats members of the public who raise similar concerns. A sustained campaign of victimisation towards us was as a direct result of raising concerns regarding the treatment of victims and members of the public.

One of the more serious disclosures appears to be the catalyst for the sustained vendetta against us and concerns police corruption regarding a Paedophilia investigation known as "Operation Bondfield".

You will hear how the Isle of Wight police was being corruptly managed at senior levels and of a cover up when I reported matters which ultimately resulted in an inspection of Professional Standards in Hampshire by the HMIC and 12 recommendations being made.

Although the report was watered down it is still a useful document, none of the corruption allegations concerning the PSD were dealt with as the HMIC stated that they were not an "Investigative or appellate authority" and allegations against former DCC Ian Readhead should be raised with Hampshire Police Authority (HPA).

The HPA failed to deal with the serious allegations levelled at Mr Readhead, tehsame culture apperas to have now extended to Michael Lane; the present PCC for Hampshire.

You will hear how the involvement of the HMIC and their recommendations were not welcomed by former Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan or his Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead, I subsequently became subject of a vendetta lasting many years where I became ill and was on either half or no pay for two and a half years as the force tried to get rid of me.

I have included a section entitled "shooting the messenger" which any police officer contemplating  making a "protected" disclosure should read, whilst your disclosure may be protected you most certainly won't be protected.


The force was run on a culture of fear and bullying and you will hear how a sustained campaign was perpetrated at the highest levels within the force where we were let down every step of the way by those who could have protected us by simply doing their job.

The criminal conduct and misuse of the Professional Standards Department (PSD) in Hampshire will be highlighted where the current publicity surrounding the failures of the police and the CPS with regards to disclosure will feature heavily including, theft of evidence by PSD officers, concealing and suppressing, destroying relevant evidence.


The CPS ignored relevant information and acquiesced in the corrupt disclosure process by marking several pages of disclosure "CND" which stands for Clearly Not Disclosable when the opposite was true.


You will hear of malicious and relentless attempts to wear us down over the years to the point of collapse by misusing considerable public funds which; could be better spent on fighting crime. You will also hear of the misuse of terrorism legislation to minutely examine every aspect of our lives including finances.

In addition to corruption concerning Paedophilia on the Isle of Wight, you will hear of other serious cases and how those who acquiesce or are involved in corruption appear to be rewarded rather than prosecuted.

Hopefully, some of the information that I will publish in the public interest may prevent another officer suffering in the same way and go in with their eyes open if considering doing the "right thing"

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