Some background to the Isle of Wight police

I think it is necessary to highlight that the Isle of Wight was considered as a punishment posting in the force, there were was also some background to the Island that I had not been aware of and would become relevant later on.

A police whistleblower who had also transferred from another force had hung himself following his dealings with Hampshire PSD. I was in a similar position and in later posts you will see how the force seemed intent on pushing me to take my own life.

Prior to my arrival there had been a high profile missing person / murder case of 

There had also been a high profile employment tribunal case of Lesley Evans concerning sexism in the CID on the Isle of Wight, it became apparent that no lessons had been learnt from this employment tribunal case.


A DCI was investigating a Paedophile ring on the Isle of wight, he has since retired and it is not know what he uncovered. 

Whilst there were a number of Paedophilia cases concerning police officers, this one was specific to an Isle of Wight police officer and his association with a member of the clergy 


One example relevant to my case of the Isle of wight being used as a  punishment posting concerns a Police Inspector who was investigated for sexual assaults on staff and who was demoted to Sergeant.


The matter was dealt with internally and not submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service.

I was informed that the discipline of Sgt Cairns was apparently one of Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan's first jobs when he came to the force as a favour to the outgoing Chief Constable Sir John Hodinott.

Glen Cairns was the captain of the force rugby team and Mr Hodinott was a rugby fan attending matches on the coach with the team.

I was later to find out that a Chief Inspector had reported Inspector Cairns on two previous occasions for his conduct.

As will become apparent  in later posts, his conduct did not change and in a subsequent employment tribunal judgment, the tribunal believed that Sgt Cairns was being protected by the force.

The officer was a serial bully and my wife and I were subsequently stalked and harassed by the officer for a lengthy period of time and were not protected by the force.

Sgt Cairns appealed against his demotion to the Home Secretary which was refused however; just prior to retirement he was promoted to Inspector again without being qualified as he had not passed the police promotion Ospre exams. As a result he would receive an enhanced lump sum and pension.

This was just one form of corruption that I would discover as to how the force operated, I was informed that Mr Cairns had dirt on the force. It seemed that anyone who acquiesced in wrongdoing or corruption would in some way be rewarded. I will give examples in various posts and allow you to make up your mind regarding my perception.

The next post will cover my relocation to the Isle of Wight and my first impressions.

Damian Nettles
PC Nutton
Paul Kernaghan
former Chief Constable
DI Geoff Crowe involved in Lesley Evan's case and also became Chair of Hampshire Police Federation.
Sgt/Insp Glen Cairns