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Those following these posts will by now have gathered that myself and a police federation representative from Hampshire had to seek help from police federation representatives from other police forces.

Even some of those representatives were compromised or victimised such was the reach of the tentacles of bullying Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead.

This post is relevant because it is another example of Hampshire PSD lying to a Police Federation representative from another police force (Wiltshire).

This post concerns an incident where I was deceived into attending Shirley Police Station in Southampton on the pretext of my collecting my personal property which at the time was being stored in a police cell.

At the time I was suspended despite being off sick having being suicidal due to the relentless victimisation by the force to silence me, I was also being looked after my wife for approximately 90% of the time.

At this stage I was not aware that there was also a police operation “Companionway” running effectively to try and capture me working with my wife on her farmers market stall held once a week in Winchester.

My wife and I parked our vehicle in the back yard and went to the front counter where I was invited in but my wife was not allowed in.

I was then taken into a cell where my property had been stored and a DI from Hampshire PSD attempted to interview me in an oppressive manner in the cell, he was accompanied by a civilian investigator who I recognised as a former Hampshire Police Federation Chairman.

The DI took out his pocketbook and began questioning me.

The DI also attempted to get me to sign for my property which had not been property listed and there was also £200 missing.

My wife was then allowed in to help me carry boxes to our vehicle.

The DI acted unprofessionally and became irate physically pushing my wife and I out into the back yard as I refused to sign the property book because the property had not been listed correctly and cash was missing.

Although I complained, there was the now familiar self investigation by the same department and DCI Kingswell failed to conduct a proper investigation with the usual cover up; the Hampshire police federation representative seemed to have a bout of amnaesia and there was no attempt to speak to witnesses.

I think it is also important to highlight again the lack of any independence. DCI Kingswell was the Officer In Charge of the police operation against me, he was also the same officer who lost (if you believe that) the policy files in my case for which he received “Management Advice” and also suppressed relevant disclosure from the employment tribunal.

I was concerned prior to attending Shirley police station due to my previous dealings with Hampshire PSD and requested support / guidance from the police federation before attending.

Sgt John Coppen from Wiltshire Police Federation contacted Hampshire PSD and was assured that I was simply attending to collect property, there would be no interviews etc and no surprises.

Unfortunately Hampshire PSD true to form lied to the Police Federation Representative. I need not publish the whole of his statement as I want to simply demonstrate how Hampshire PSD operates and the failure of those who had been employed by Hampshire Police Federation to protect their members or challenge improper conduct.

Relevant extracts from statement of Sgt John Coppen – Wiltshire Police Federation

Para 16

“I found this incomprehensible. I have been involved in representing Police officers in misconduct matters for the last twenty years and normally have a very frank and open relationship with the Professional Standards Investigating Officers and their teams throughout the country and cannot understand why I had been lied to.”

Para 17

“That is the last contact I had with the Hampshire Professional Standards Department. Normally when a police officers receives a Regulation 9 notice or a further Regulation 9 notice, which is investigated, at the conclusion of the investigation the Officer in Charge of the Investigation gives the Federation Friend, or the person concerned, notification of further proceedings or that the matter had been finalised. I have never received any notification that the investigation was completed or the outcome of the investigation into the allegations.”

Para 18

“Although I never met Julian face to face, and had only a few conversations with him over the telephone, it was very clear to me that these matters had affected Julian greatly. He was clearly disturbed by the constant pressure the Professional Standards Department were putting him under, to the point of distraction, where this was the only thing he could concentrate on. He was, as I have already said upset, vulnerable and in a state of paranoia of what the officers of the Professional Standards Department were likely to do next. As an experienced custody officer and the Federation’s lead on Custody Issues, I would not have allowed Mr Panayiotou to be interviewed without the use of an appropriate adult. I would also have asked for medical healthcare professional to comment on Julian’s fitness to be interviewed. In custody situations, a custody officer could overrule an Police Officer of higher rank who wanted to interview a vulnerable person without the use of an appropriate adult.”

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, you have the power to change the extremely damaging corrupt practices of your Professional Standards Department.

Police officers and the public have taken their own lives following contact with PSD, you will be aware of an inquest next year concerning a member of the public. I wrote to you about my concerns and have been asked for a copy of my letter which I will now provide to the family's barrister.

I think the public should quite rightly be concerned about their contact with your force. I would recommend that any member of the public asked to come into a police station in Hampshire make sure that they are accompanied by a solicitor or police station legal representative.

Police officers should also not trust the police federation and I would recommend that you go with your gut instinct and if unsure contact for independent advice.