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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

To recap for those that don't know, several years myself and a colleague who was a Hampshire Police Federation Representative reported serious allegations to the HMIC following the corrupt operation of Hampshire PSD.

There was the familiar whitewash where there was an HMIC inspection where the force was labelled as racist and sexist however; the allegations of corruption against senior officers were never criminally investigated.

Is the reason that Hampshire police federation appear reluctant to assist me including blocking me on twitter because they are conflicted having to represent up to 8 officers facing discipline as a result of another whistleblower making allegations?

My previous allegations have now been compounded with subsequent cover ups by new staff covering for their predecessors and there are ongoing proceedings against the force re continuing victimisation known as post employment victimisation/detriments for whistleblowing.

The following article by John Twomey for the Express highlights that this force does not learn from its mistakes and fails to learn from previous employment tribunal cases.

The article is self explanatory but I will add my own observations after you have had an opportunity to read the article.

My own personal views and observations

1. Installing covert recording devices in just one unit in Hampshire police resulted in 21 police officers and staff being investigated. Is this indicative of the culture throughout the force?

2. Why have the force conducted an operation of this scale whilst ignoring the conduct of DCC Sara Glen to set an example rather than concentrating on the lower ranks and trying to silence whistleblowers.

3. Only 8 appear to be going forward for a discipline hearing and the rest have received either "no further action" or "management advice". Supposedly a whistleblower raised concerns. Why weren't supervisors in this unit pulled in by senior management to nip this in the bud rather than a police operation being mounted at great expense lasting over 17 months and costing up to £1M.

4. Why are there no criminal charges following such an operation in the circumstances?

5. Could the same objective had been achieved by deploying a covert officer from another police force to gather the evidence at a fraction of the cost?

6. What has happened to the whistleblower?

Only time will tell as to what this case was really about.