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Arnewood school child abuse cover up in Hampshire

The following blog post by Cathy Fox is informative and thorough corroborating my own concerns of how Paedophilia is covered up by Hampshire police.

The failures in this case by Hampshire Professional Standards Department (PSD) resulted in the suspect in this case committing 17 further offences before he was arrested and prosecuted.

The tenacity of a member of the public and parent Mr John Caine should be applauded in pursuing this matter which Hampshire police and others attempted to cover up.

This matter is now to be looked at by a Parliamentary Committee as a result of a disclosure to the Children's Commissioner.

Sara Glen now the deputy Chief Constable for Hampshire Constabulary had previously stated in an article published in the Daily Echo that the force would launch a crackdown on child sexual exploitation and the issue was identified as the number one force priority in the summer of 2015.

At that time Mr Caine supplied Sara Glen with information and did not receive a reply.

Under the statutory police “code of conduct” officers fail in their duty if they do not challenge or report unlawful conduct by fellow members of the Force. Here they not only ignored the facts and evidence but it was a concerted joint effort to cover it all up and keep it quite even if that meant putting children at serious risk, which it did.

DCC Sara Glen

The article by Cathy fox states : "ACC Sarah Glen and even the Force Solicitor Mr. Roger Trencher have all been complicit in this insidious cover up."

Here is another opportunity to join the dots where the same people failed to take action when I raised similar concerns regarding the covering up of another paedophilia matter "Operation Bondfield".

Roger Trencher
Roger Trencher

Both Sara Glen and Mr Trencher were both involved in the concerted and orchestrated attempts to remove me from the force which was no doubt easier than dealing with the matters I had raised with them.

In fairness, DCC Sara Glen's willingness to cover up was not confined to paedophilia issues.

When Sara Glen was a DI she also covered for DCC Ian Readhead.

I wrote to Michael Lane (PCC) with my concerns regarding Chief constable Pinkney's failure to deal with Sara Glen's conduct

"The following conduct matters are now brought to your attention in accordance with Section 12 Police Reform Act 2002."

  • Failure to record allegation of pteury against Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen in an Employment Tn'bunal case.

  • Failure to deal with allegation involving Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen and collusion with former Deputy Constable Ian Readhead to cover up a racist incident and crime at an Indian restaurant on the Isle of Wight.

  • Failure to deal with allegation of corruption concerning a paedophilia case (Operation Bondfield)

  • Failure to deal with allegations of perverting the course of justice by way of officers withholding, concealing and/or destroying relevant documents which were required to be disclosed during employment tribunal proceedings. The allegations concerned Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen, Mr Graham Love, DCI Adrian Kingswell (PSD) and Mr Gary Self of Counsel.

  • Institutional unethical and corrupt practices relating to employment tribunals including the coaching of witnesses and suppression of relevant documents.

  • Harassment by Roger Trencher (Force Solicitor).

The PCC failed to deal with the matters and what is probably not general knowledge, police officers including former police officers are not considered members of the public and as such have no right of appeal to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) previously known as the IPCC.

Consequently this acts as a deterrant to police whistleblowers coming forward as those officers involved in any subsequent intimidation or victimisation are effectively unnacountable.