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The failure to disclose including deliberate suppression of relevant documents is without doubt the biggest cause of miscarriages of justice.

Recently the College of Policing published on twitter that more than 100.000 officers had completed disclosure training.

What we have to remember that disclosure is not new, it has been law for many years and had been until now not taken seriously. It is only since many cases have been published via social media and victims have begun to network that more effort is now being put into this topic.

Breaches of the law with regards to disclosure including with criminal intent have generally been ignored and officers and staff not held to account whithin both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Employment Tribunals have Judges however; over the years that I have been trying to seek some form of justice, employment judges have been reluctant to make orders for disclosure and not taking allegations seriously concerning the conduct of police forces in what are criminal offences whether misconduct in public office or perverting the course of justice.

It's all very well saying we are improving but what is happening to rectify all the miscarriages of justices including at the employment tribunal where relevant documents have deliberately been suppressed because they would assist the claimant and undermine the police case?

My own employment tribunal case which directly concerns the deliberate suppression of relevant documents should be of interest and of concern to those who who are thinking of taking their whistleblowing case to an employment tribunal.