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Hampshire Legal Representatives given carte blanche to bully and misuse police funds

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Whilst Hampshire Constabulary will talk about a lack of funding they seem to have an unlimited supply of funds to victimise police whistleblowers and members of the public trying to report concerns of police crime/conduct.

A relatively new development is that Hampshire Police are using the services of Hampshire County Council solicitors for employment matters.

Looking back at the e mails Mr Trencher forwarded to me which I doubt Mrs Treadwell was aware of, you might think this a bit unprofessional and it is also quite clear that the Constabulary were not willing to explore settlement from the start with ACAS.

Who made that decision not to take part in conciliation? Was it Mr Trencher; who is an individually named Respondent in this case, Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney or Michael Lane PCC?

Perhaps someone should submit a Freedom of Information Request and also enquire as to exactly how much the force has spent in trying to silence me over several years with malicious operations and surveillance rather than protecting and serving the public.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that despite Mrs Treadwell being informed of her public duty under the Equality Act continues to refuse reasonable adjustments regarding the choice of barrister she is using for this case being Mr Gary Self from Pump Court Chambers who has been involved in this case for probably 15 years despite my recent complaint to the Bar standards Board.

If Mr Self continues to be involved in my case and he has his own blog where he has published details of my previous tribunal case, perhaps I should set the record straight with a separate blog and publish the letter I sent to the bar standards Board.

Since publishing this blog I have become aware of complaints by members of the public concerning communications from the force solicitor which appear to me to be intimidating and bullying.

In my own case I have lost count of the letters from Mr Trencher which I have found to be obnoxious, rude, insulting and intimidating whilst at the same time failing to deal with the very serious matters bought to his attention concerning police corruption.

I would suggest that if there are any residents in Hampshire having similar issues with the force solicitor's department or any other issues with Hampshire police that they pass their information on to