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Birds of a feather flock together

The above company was brought to my attention and some may consider it is a coincidence but others have highlighted that several former senior officers involved in my case now work for this company.

I have previously highlighted the corrupt actions of senior officers in Hampshire Constabulary where rewarding those who acquiesced in corruption appeared to be common practice.

Gary Linton David Basson Adrian Kingswell

Robin Jarman, former senior officer and also former Deputy PCC

A brief look at this company shows the Managing Director as Mr Gary Linton who was a Detective superintendent who I raised my concerns to regarding the cover up of the paedophilia case "Operation Bondfield".

Robin Jarman also involved in my case and was also Deputy PCC when he retired from Hampshire Constabulary.

One of the suspects involved in the corruption was Mr Dave Stewart a former DCI from the Professional Standards department "PSD", he is now at the time of writing the Leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel.

A brief reminder that myself and another sergeant made disclosures to the HMIC concerning corruption within PSD and a focussed inspection was conducted where 12 recommendations were made. The force was also labelled as racist and sexist in the National press.

Is this company suitable to be giving advice to the Jamaican Constabulary Force in dealing with serious allegations / corruption?

The project manager for this company is former DCI Adrian Kingswell; the same officer who conducted a malicious operation against my wife and to silence us whilst at the same time ignoring serious matters that had been reported to him.

The report below highlights the way that any police whistle-blower is likely to be perceived and targeted by their force.

If you look at the shooting the messenger page on this site you will see the various stages that the police will go through to target and get rid of police whistleblowers.

In my own case the following report was put together by DCI Kingswell and mentions DCI Glen who is now a Deputy Chief Constable in Hampshire Constabulary.

As most people will be aware, disclosure is now recognised as one of the major causes of wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice.

This was also a document that was not disclosed for the purposes of court and tribunal proceedings when it should have been.

Mr Kingswell who wrote this report also allegedly lost several policy files being the most important documents in any police operation.

Considering Mr Kingswell had just been accredited as a senior investigating officer you be forgiven for thinking that this was no accident and deliberate when taking into account other relevant documents which would undermine a prosecution case and evidence corruption; especially with covering up serious crime.

I made an allegation of perverting the course of justice against DCI Kingswell (PSD) however; it was next to the CPS, dealt in house by his own department (PSD) and he subsequently received "Management advice" the lowest form of discipline.

Anyone else including members of the public would have gone to prison.

PSDs from whichever police force have obtained a reputation for being untouchable and above the law which should be a worry for both the public and police officers alike.

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen is mentioned in the report. I also made an allegation that Sara Glen committed perjury at the previous employment tribunal but the fairly new new Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney seems to be silent on the issue.

If we go back to the disclosure issue, there were also relevant documents suppressed including a report by Sara Glen and my police pocket notebook detailing a meeting I had with her.

Additionally, a dictaphone containing the conversation with DCC Glen was stolen from my home during a raid.

My allegation regarding this resulted simply in an officer DS Timothy Plummer (PSD) receiving "Management Advice", the lowest discipline sanction for apparently not dealing with seized property properly and not filling out the property records properly.

Again there was no criminal investigation and you would think that the Professional Standards Department would know how to deal with standard police procedures.

Gary Self a barrister from Pump Court Chambers who represents the force describes the force as being incompetent rather than corrupt, there are only so many time that this excuse can be used and I thing they have used their quota.