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The Force Solicitor Roger Trencher comes undone in the High Court.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

This is now the third blog post re the force solicitor Mr Roger Trencher, the details are published courtesy of Mr John Caine and supplements my own and the concerns of other citizens of Hampshire regarding the corrupt operation of Hampshire Police.

Child Sexual Abuse Cover Up.

Hampshire Constabulary and the "Independent" Office for Police Conduct have lost a Judicial Review in the High Court brought by John Caine of Ashley.

On Monday 30/9/2019 at a full hearing His Honour Judge Blair QC found in favour of Mr. Caine and ordered the IOPC and Hampshire Police to record a corruption complaint against Mr. Trencher after hearing and reviewing the evidence against the Hampshire Police Force Solicitor.

The High Court Order…/High_Court_Judgment_CO-80-2019.… This comes after both the IOPC and the Chief Officer Olivia Pinkney have squandered thousands of pounds in legal fees in an ongoing attempt to further cover up and deny systemic failings in reference to Hampshire Constabulary deliberately keeping a child sex offender case out of the police system for 2 years despite overwhelming evidence.

These intentional legal failings resulted in multiple offences against children being committed which could have easily been stopped if not for Hampshire Constabulary looking the other way. Of course the IOPC as usual applied the final coat of whitewash.

This particular challenge related to Mr. Trencher lying to a Professional Standards Department investigator to avoid accountability and scrutiny regarding his part in covering up this abuse of trust by Hampshire Police at children's expense. The £10,000 pounds of taxpayers money used to try to cover it up:

Mr. Trencher should now face a corruption investigation and should also be suspended pending an outcome however; knowing the culture of this force further funds will be wasted in continuing to cover up.

Mr. Caine maintains if this is not "honest" and is simply more of the same it will all go straight back to the High Court until honesty and transparency are achieved in children's best interests.

This comes on top of further bad news for the IOPC by the way of the Daily Mail's report today where a former High Court Judge has lambasted the IOPC for in effect being a useless organisation which is not for purpose. Read that report here:…/Fury-watchdog-cleared-officer…

The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) was rebranded the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) earlier this year due to it being largely regarded as not for purpose by the public and politicians alike.

Clearly this has not worked, and a stiff broom would have been far more effective. It rather appears when it comes to child sexual abuse the authorities are very good at targeting the innocent and wrong people while on the other go about covering up for those offenders who are guilty and should be brought to book. I suppose it's all down to who you know and whether you are a "croney" or not.

This is not the first time Hampshire Police have lost to Mr. Caine in the High Court: Like New Milton Watch to follow this story.

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney has allowed thousands of pounds to be spent by Mr. Trencher to cover up his corruption.

In my own case I believe the force has spent in excess of £1M in victimising and trying to silence me over several years.

If we are to join the dots, my own case and others in Hampshire presently being collated by ; the general public should be very worried and start asking their own questions.

It is time for the Chief Constable to be subject of a criminal investigation along with several other senior officers including the Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen

Criminal allegations have been made however; Hampshire Constabulary continues to turn a blind eye as does Michael Lane the PCC who by failing to hold the Chief Constable to account is complicit in this continuing situation which directly affects the citizens of Hampshire.

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