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Power tends to corrupt. absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Following the publication today of an investigation by Sue Reid of the Daily Mail concerning deaths at the Gosport memorial Hospital I would like to add some information which I think is relevant.

The article was entitled Bungling police fixated on 'a new Shipman': Detectives probing opiates abuses thought GP was 'lone wolf' – but even then, failed to act

The article talks of criticism of former Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead, he was an officer who also featured heavily in my case with regards to victimisation and intimidation including threatening me at my own home when I was off sick.

I would consider him a self serving serial bully who used the force to feather his own nest in retirement. Unusually Mr Readhead had been in the same police force from being a police cadet at the age of 16 and had never moved between forces on promotion.

As such he became a big fish in a small pond and was unnacountable.

Mr Readhead formed ACRO creating a job in his retirement where he received a handsome income in addition to his pension, as will become apparent in my case, those who acquiesced in his corruption and his bullying would benefit in one way or amother.

In a previous blog I Highlighted how the force failed to investigate a nurse suspected to be involved in the deaths of elderly patients on the Isle of Wight.

DCC Readhead was ultimately responsible for this decision and there is substantial correspondence available including my reports to Mr Readhead at the time.

I have previously covered the corruption concerning the Paedophile matter on the Isle of Wight and a report I made to Det Supt Linton which was not dealt with appropriately, Mr Linton was subsequently employed by ACRO and sometimes they call this jobs for the boys.

The following is an extract of 50 Allegations I submitted to the IPCC (now known as IOPC). No action was taken and the report was simply passed back to Hampshire PSD who decided not to investigate any of the matters.

Allegation 2 In October 2004, I responded to an e-mail sent by Det Supt Linton (Special Branch ) to all Detective Sergeants to assist in the force response to the Bichard Enquiry.

I raised concerns regarding a case where I had been the investigating officer where there were similarities with the Soham case with respect to the ages of the children, grooming and missing intelligence on a suspected paedophile. This was a matter I raised in ‘Operation Seedfield’ and I do not believe was investigated.

I also raised concerns regarding the conduct of DI Stewart who involved himself in the case and returned a computer to a suspected paedophile before it had been forensically examined.

The computer had been returned the same day that I had seized the computer from the suspect’s home address.

The computer was shared between two suspects, Simon Boore and XXXXXXXXXXXXX who was a director of a youth charity XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’. (Please contact the present Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney should you wish any further information, I am not prepared to reveal the other name in this blog.)

As a result of the intervention by DI Stewart, the Director of the youth trust was not arrested. (Mr Stewart is now the Leader of the Isle of wight council and chair of the Police and crime panel).

I believe that corruption was involved and believe that this was due to Mr Stewart’s connection with individuals having worked and lived on the Isle of Wight for a considerable time.

This was not the first time that I had concerns regarding decisions made by DI Stewart because of his local connections. I had raised other issues as part of ‘Operation Seedfield’.

I had previously raised concerns regarding this case with Ch Supt Stevens (PSD) and Supt Ogden (PSD) on separate occasions. Both failed to address my concerns. On both occasions, my allegations were made in the presence of police federation representatives.

The disclosure to Ch Supt Stevens (PSD) was made in the presence of Sgt XXXXXXXX (Hampshire Constabulary), the disclosure to Supt Ogden (PSD) was made in the presence of Sgt XXXXXXXXXXXX (Metropolitan Police).

I believe the failure of the PSD to deal with my allegations was because DI Stewart had been promoted to DCI (PSD); and was now working in their department.

What made matters worse was that having raised my concerns regarding the lack of action, Ch Supt Stevens (PSD) and Supt Ogden (PSD) then both victimised me directly and indirectly when I raised concerns regarding their failure to investigate my concerns.

Det Supt Linton (Special Branch) passed my concerns to PSD; the same department who had failed to deal with my disclosure previously.

I believe PSD felt that they had to be seen to be doing something and Supt Ogden (PSD) appeared to be allocated the case.

I am not aware of the circumstances of the allocation of the case however, I did feel that it was unusual that an officer who failed to deal with the disclosure previously was now investigating the matter.

Initially, I was pleased that an investigation was going to be conducted and was subsequently informed that DI Jason Hogg (Special Branch) would be investigating the matter.

I met DI Hogg (now ACC Jason Hogg of Thames Valley Police) and assisted as far as possible with providing additional information including copies of intelligence reports that I had submitted regarding the paedophile case.

Mr Hogg confirmed that my intelligence reports were no longer on the force system which was of concern. My reports had either been weeded or deleted deliberately.

I had raised concerns regarding two statements which PSD had withheld from DI Hogg and I believed that these were relevant for Mr Hogg to conduct a proper review of the case.

These statements were those made by DC Lyness and PC Hughes as witnesses for Sgt Cairns (respondent) in the previous employment tribunal matter.

The officer’s statements were fabricated and differed greatly from the statements they made previously for the purposes of the criminal case against Simon Boore.

I had alleged that Sgt Cairns at that time had stolen case papers and had wrongly obtained information relating to the case of Simon Boore which he used for his own purposes. This does not appear to have been investigated.

I was not the only officer to have criticised Supt Ogden (PSD).

A black officer, Sgt XXXXXX, had criticised Supt Ogden by way of an official report to Ch Supt Stevens (PSD) with respect to racism and the approach by PSD to complaints against BME officers.

When a complaint had subsequently been made against SgtXXXXXXXX in an unrelated matter, Supt Ogden appointed herself as the investigating officer.

As a result of bullying and victimisation from Supt Ogden, Sgt XXXXXXX decided to resign voluntarily from the force. Who reported to: ACC Cole (now Chief Constable Simon Cole of Leicestershire constabulary) Staff concerned: Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan DCC Ian Readhead Ch Supt Stevens (PSD) - retired Supt Ogden (PSD) DCI Stewart – formerly (PSD) DC Lyness PC Jay Hughes

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