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Update - Police Whistleblowing Employment Tribunal

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

5 March 2019 at Southampton Employment tribunal - Former Detective Sergeant representing himself in complex 3 day Pre Hearing Review due to lack of support from Hampshire Police Federation.

The preliminary hearing took place on 5th and 6th March during which the claimant publicly made allegations of police corruption against the now leader of the Isle of Wight Council Cllr Dave Stewart who is also the chair of the Police and Crime Panel.

The Claimant also raised continuing concerns regarding the continuing conduct of the force concerning disclosure who had at the last minute decided not to include relevant documents of the claimant including a relevant email chain concerning the claimant between Mr Trencher the police solictor and Liz Treadwell the legal representative for Hampshire County Council who was dealing with the employment tribunal claim.

It also became apparent that a key document provided by he claimant had been tampered with to remove relevant markings.

The claimant raised concerns on both days concerning barrister Mr Gary Self who was representing the force. It was unethical for the barrister to still be involved in this case following complaints that had been made and the history of involvement in the case..

The claimant had previously submitted a complaint to the Bar Standard Board of which a copy was included in the document bundle.

Police Whistleblowing Case – Southampton Employment Tribunal 5 March 2019

Further timely revelations following articles recently published in the National press concerning racism in Hampshire police which is to be highlighted again in the above whistle-blowing case concerning former Detective Sergeant Julian King and Hampshire Constabulary.

A total of 21 employees under investigation.

Press articles The police whistle-blowing case on 5 March highlights also highlights that there has been little change in the culture of racism and sexism highlighted by the HMIC following my disclosures.

I have highlighted racially aggravated offences and the racially discriminating treatment treatment of black police officers including a black police sergeant who was hounded out of the force.

This is an importance case as it affects all whistle-blowers, this case directly concerns the well known case of Panayiotou -v- Paul Kernaghan Chief Constable of Hampshire


This is a case which is now quoted regularly up and down the country to try and dismiss whistle-blowing claims. The decision was considered perverse for a number of reasons including that the evidence of the claimant's witnesses were unchallenged.

The present case concerns the failure of Hampshire police to properly and appropriately deal with allegations of crime relating to the suppression of relevant documents in that case.

During the previous employment tribunal hearing, the claimant had raised serious concerns regarding deliberate suppression of disclosure and allegations of Misconduct in Public Office / Perverting the course of Justice.

An important file relating an allegation of police corruption concerning a paedophile investigation known as “Operation Bondfield” had gone missing. The file related to the conduct of former DCI Dave Stewart “PSD” who is now leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel.

The most important documents in my case also went missing; these were the policy books for “Operation Companionway”, the policy books contain details of all decisions, who made any decisions and the rationale for those decisions. The importance of these books were such that they were kept in a safe within the offices of the Professional Standards Department “PSD”.

After the hearing and complaints being made by the claimant 2 officers including a DCI from the Professional Standards Department “PSD” were disciplined. At a later stage, further information and documents have been discovered which should have been disclosed by Hampshire Constabulary indicating that the Detective Sergeant was considered a threat as a whistle-blower.

Other documents discovered indicated that Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen had not been truthful when giving evidence at the employment tribunal and this formed the basis of criminal allegations made against DCC Sara Glen who at the time was an Assistant Chief Constable in Dorset police.

The evidence she gave related to when she was a DI and a DCI in Hampshire Constabulary.

A public open preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 5 March 2019 starting at 10am.

For further information please contact the Independent Police Support Group via e mail

Other interested parties are the Justice and Anti Corruption Party in Hampshire and the Hampshire Police monitoring group

Chief Constable Pinkney, Michael lane PCC and Amber Rudd MP

There have been several press articles published today concerning what appears to be a covert operation concerning inappropriate behaviour concerning racist and homophobic behaviour with 21 employees being under investigation including an officer from the Isle of Wight.

One news article stated that some officers were captured dancing around on desks making monkey noises whilst others threw nuts at them. Others were captured describing prisoners whom they had been tasked to investigate replacing their names with names that we are not legally allowed to publish.

Some of the issues raised concerning the cover up of serious race crime matters and a failure by Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney to record criminal allegations I made against her Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen.

DCC Sara Glen, previously a DI and DCI in Hants police when I made my initial disclosures. DCC Glen had also been an ACC in Dorset police before returning to Hampshire police as DCC.

This force has not changed despite my disclosures to the HMIC which had previously resulted in a focussed inspection of Professional Standards and 12 recommendations made which were largely ignored.

The force was publicly labelled as racist and sexist and the rest is history when I was targeted by the former DCC Ian Readhead and ultimately dismissed by the former Chief Constable Kernaghan denying me my right to a formal disciplinary heariing and natural justice.

I would say that the endemic culture of racism is still ingrained and that the force continues to operate under a culture of fear and bullying.

This topic is worthy of a it own blog post where I will go into much more detail to evidence the culture within that force concerning racism and how this directly impacts on members of the public who are victims of race crime.

I will also discuss how black officers were bullied and hounded out of the force including how the Hampshire Black Police Association was compromised and then folded.