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Racially Aggravated Assault (1)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

As per my previous post it is necessary to break down the race crime issues and i will hihghlight these in different post. As part of the disclosure I made to the Head of PSD and the HMIC which indicated corruption and manipulation of crime figures on the Isle of Wight this was one of the crimes I highlighted.

All these senior officers failed to rectify the situation including DCC Sara Glen and Chief Constable Pinkney

Cllr Dave Stewart was a former DI on the Isle of Wight.

I had approached him as I was concerned that a racially aggravated assault was not going to be investigated properly due to a racist comment that was made by a DC who was going to be the officer in charge of the case.

Mr Stewart failed to deal with my concerns and the crime was written off with false information being written on the crime report.

The circumstances relating to this incident was that I was a sergeant at Newport police station when a black male came in to the front counter to produce his documents having been stopped driving by the police and issued with a form to produce his documents.

I noticed that his hand was bandaged and in general conversation he described that he had been assaulted in a nightclub by several males because he was in the company of a white and mixed race female whilst they were being racially abused.

The male was a telecommunications engineer and unfortunately the injuries to his hand from glass were severe and meant he could not work losing his job.

I took the male into the side room and took a crime report as the staff had apparently ejected the local males and it did not seem that it had been formally reported as the male had no confidence in Hampshire police investigating the matter properly.

I was a little more optimistic having transferred fairly recently to Hampshire Constabulary but the victim's prediction was more accurate.

I recorded the matter and took immediate steps to arrange for the CCTV to be seized which had recorded the offenders who were local and known troublemakers.

I transferred the crime to the CID at Ryde and spoke to a DC on the phone who sarcasticly made a racist remark.

I then informed DI Stewart of my concerns however; I monitored the crime report as I was also a superviser and noted that the crime had eventually been filed and apparently the CCTV had also gone missing.

None of the names suspects were arrested or interviewed.

Interestingly when this and other matters were raised with Hampshire PSD, the crime was again filed a year later with excuses from another DI.

No officers were subject of any discipline; this is not entirely true as I received a discipline notice for accessing the crime report on the force computer system when I was monitoring if the appropriate actions were being carried out.