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Sexism in Hampshire Constabulary

To recap as a result of the disclosures that both myself and another sergeant made to both the Professional Standards department "PSD" and the HMIC we were heavily victimised.

Part of our disclossures concerned institutional sexism and how this also affected the way that victims of domestic abuse were dealt with and in some cases officers taking advantage of vulnerable victims.

Following an inspection of Professional Standards the force was was branded as sexist and racist in the press, the Deputy Chief Constable at that time Mr Ian Readhead took exception to our whistleblowing disclosures and conducted a personal vendetta against us supported by Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan.

The present Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney appears to be acquiescing in the continuing victimisation by also failing to address the subsequent cover ups and treatment towards us. The force solicitor does not appear to be helping matters with continuing unwelcome communications which I consider as threatening and intimidating; the latest relating to my disclosures concerning the present Deputy Chief Constable.

I have seen no change in sexism in the force and continue to hear from officers and also a former officer who left due to this conduct.

It is relevant to point out that having been posted to the Isle of Wight I went with an open mind and at that stage was not aware that there had been a high profile sexual harassment case involving a female detective on this Division. I was surprised that there were no female officers in specialist posts and also no BAME officers.

Woman detective wins big payout in sex case

A FEMALE detective has received one of the largest compensation awards for sexual harassment after being subjected to what an industrial tribunal called "workplace bullying of the worst kind".

Hampshire Police paid a six-figure sum to Lesley Evans, 37, who was the only woman officer working with 22 men in the CID department in Ryde, on the Isle of Wight.

The tribunal in Southampton was told of a lengthy catalogue of harassment, including one incident in which a colleague leant against her and simulated sex "like a rutting pig". On another occasion, the same officer dropped his trousers in front of Mrs Evans, who was then a detective constable. When she complained to her superior, Detective Sergeant Geoff Crowe, he laughed it off.

There are two important links to my case here, in a joint report we prepared for West Midlands PSD, my colleague reported that officers had lied during that employment tribunal case, that was not investigated.

Secondly, DS Geoff Crowe was subsequently transferred to another station and was promoted to DI. He then at one stage became my federation representative before I dispensed with his services. I suspected he was not acting in my best interests but that of PSD and senior officers. Mr Crowe also subsequently became chair of Hampshire police federation.

As appears to be a common theme in my case, officers who acquiesce in wrongdoing and misconduct appear to be rewarded and the force seem to have a hold on those officers.


As part of our disclosures, my colleague who was also an Equal opportunities trainer reported homophobia and also a sexist e mail which was widely circulated around the force and forwarded on including by senior officers.

This was a further indication that the force what not prepared to learn, even from high profile employment tribunal cases.

Whistleblowers are useful in helping to protect organisations and their and their employees so that they can work in a supportive and discriminatory environment and be productive.

Targeting the actual whistleblowers rather than dealing with issues they have raised is known as Shooting the Messenger and a tactic used by Hampshire Constabulary to suppress allegations of crime and protect the reputation of the force.

When I arrived on the Isle of Wight I shared an office with the Station Sergeant and we butted heads from the off.

I wasn't aware at the time but he had been an Inspector and demoted to sergeant following an internal hearing concerning serious sexual harrassment matters. It is not known why the officer was not dealt with via the criminal courts considering the nature of the allegations which would now amount to serious sexual assault.

A Chief Inspector had also reported the officer to PSD twice concerning his conduct.

The officer appears to have been protected and sent to work on the Isle of Wight which; was considered a punishment posting. His conduct had not changed as far as sexism was concerned and I provided details in a statement.

He appealed to the Home Secretary to keep his rank which was refused.

He subsequently became involved in my case and became a co respondent with DCC Ian Readhead. The sergeant was subsequently promoted back to Inspector just before retirement for an increased pension without being qualified as he had not taken the Ospre part 1 or 2 police promotion exams.

In the Judgment of my last employment tribunal case, the panel concluded that they believed he was being protected.

There was a catalogue of bullying, harassment and stalking against my wife and I from the officer and unfortunately we were not protected by the force. I am unable to go into further details at present due to ongoing legal proceedings in that matter.

With regards to continuing examples of sexist behaviour over the years including up to present day I have included a couple of examples but googling and FOI requests will throw up many more.

Hampshire police officers sacked for sexism and homophobia

Three police officers have been sacked for ''deeply offensive'' sexism and homophobia, following a disciplinary hearing. Det Sgt Mark Hall, Det Con Andy Holt, and Pc Colin Campbell were dismissed by Hampshire Constabulary after it received complaints from colleagues of ''bullying and inappropriate behaviour''. The officers, all based at Havant, were referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and dismissed for gross misconduct with immediate effect following a formal hearing on Wednesday (April 30).

Hampshire Police Officers Under Investigation for Racist and Homophobic Remarks

Officers under investigation for making racist and hompohobic comments

This is the latest case being dealt with in 2019 and concerns the conduct of 21 officers and staff.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and sexual assaults will need a post of their own at some stage and will link into my disclosures